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Welcome Message

Hello and welcome back for another exciting school year! I am honored to serve as the President of the Delaware School Nutrition Association (DSNA)!  You are part of a professional organization comprised of nutrition professionals from across the State.  Did you know that we currently have over 1,000 members!  I am very proud of Delaware and all of the wonderful things the Delaware School Nutrition Association is doing.

In November, we will conduct our House of Delegates meeting at the Modern Maturity Center in Dover.  This event allows child nutrition professionals from all over Delaware to “meet and greet” their fellow child nutrition professionals to exchange ideas, problem solving, and maybe even have a few laughs.

This year we will have our Industry Conference in March at the Chase Center in Wilmington.  DSNA will have vendors, speakers, a 50/50 raffle, and, of course, our baskets donated by all of you!  This is truly an exciting event!

Please reach out to me anytime with comments, ideas, concerns, anything to strengthen our organization.  My e-mail is:

In the meantime, do what you all do best….feed our kids!

Thank you for all of your support and have a great year!

Cheryle Lord-Gordon

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Upcoming Events

DSNA Board Meeting
September 27, 2017

National School Lunch Week
October 09, 2017

DSNA House of Delegates
November 02, 2017

DSNA Board Meeting
January 17, 2018

SNA Industry Conference
January 21, 2018

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